MA-Change understand the importance of choosing and instructing lawyers with the most appropriate expertise.


Working across the UK poses unique challenges when trying to select lawyers to represent you, your employees, or your clients when a crisis occurs, affecting the speed of response and the likelihood of a successful outcome. Instructing the wrong lawyer can have a calamitous impact, affecting an individual’s career, reputation, or even liberty. Making these choices when disaster hits can be difficult, with the time to focus and make the right assessment and best decision being limited.

The c.146,000 solicitors practising across the UK have different specialities and sub-specialities, with experience and understanding unique to their area of the law. 40% of them are practising in London. They are as specialised as doctors Рfew, if any of us, lack the understanding that their GP is not the most appropriate professional to perform open-heart surgery, regardless of how strong the relationship and trust we have with them.

Likewise, a general corporate lawyer handling contract negotiations is unlikely to be the best choice when a crisis occurs. A specialist, be it in family law, criminal law, or any other area, will have the experience and deep understanding of the latest developments and nuances applicable to the unique circumstances of a crisis in their sphere of expertise. This cutting-edge knowledge is essential and often the difference between winning or losing a case.


Working with firms with local knowledge is increasingly important – especially in the event of a crisis striking outside of working hours. The speed that resources can be deployed is often of the utmost importance and selecting partners and lawyers with the ability to be by your side quickly can make a huge difference to outcomes. Awareness of local judicial and administrative authorities and quirks, particularly in light of increased UK devolution, is also an important consideration.

MA Change understand the importance of choosing and instructing lawyers with the most appropriate expertise, utilising a process that matches the needs of any crisis with solicitors able to demonstrate the most suitable experience, skillset, local knowledge, and reputation. Our crisis management platform brings our fantastic network of partner law firms (and other resources when required) to bear to meet the requirements of any situation, putting the right expertise to work, at the right time and for the right cost, ensuring that everything necessary is done effectively and efficiently to protect and deliver the best possible outcome for those involved or affected.