The first fully integrated crisis management platform.

Your Crisis Expert

When crisis strikes you need support. Who you turn to is crucial.

The consequences of crisis could define the next stage of your life; your career; your reputation; your financial health. They could permanently redefine your family’s reality.

Our strategists, PR experts, legal and financial professionals and insurance specialists are here to help you to navigate crisis – and soften its impact.

MA-Change is a trusted advisor to our members, protecting you before, during and after crisis.

Everyone’s circumstances and values are unique. So every crisis is unique.

MA-Change bring experience and expertise to your corner so we can face your crisis together.


for you, your family & your network in:

  • Financial Crisis
  • Public Relations Disasters
  • Legal Situations
  • Family Troubles
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Employment Issues

Your MA-Change

Professional Athletes

When brand and reputation are as vital as performance.

  • Contract / sponsorship disputes
  • Malicious allegations
Large Corporates

Attract the best talent to your organisation.

  • MA-Change subscription as part of employment / remuneration package
Risk & Compliance Officers

In the crosshairs of liability.

  • Legal Expenses
  • Cover Internal Disputes
  • External Disputes
Business Directors/Owners

No strangers to litigation and accusation.

  • Individual Protection & Insurance
Multi Business Owners

Protection from the swipes that come with the territory.

  • Malicious allegations
  • Public Relations crises
Your Family and Network

Cover for the family and/ or colleagues you care about.

  • Multiple subscriptions for named friends and family