Navigate tough times with experience on your side.

How It Works

Managing a crisis begins before it breaks. MA-Change build a protective net of products around you and your situation.

In the event of crisis, one call to MA-Change activates your Unique Crisis Response (UCR) team: instant mobilisation of experts relevant to your crisis.

Once activated, your UCR team move in to gain immediate control.

You join

Join and add multiple family members or colleagues so your networks can also manage their situations

You call

When crisis breaks, call our Operations Team immediately and they will activate a Unique Crisis Response (UCR)

We Guide

Your UCR team, comprised of trusted experts, will strategise and guide you through your crisis from its start

We inform

If insurance policies are in place, your UCR team will inform underwriters of the situation

Your crisis is our crisis

for you, your family & your network:

  • 24-hour access to leading crisis professionals
  • Bespoke insurance products available to all
  • 100% discretion, including secure data storage
  • Unique Crisis Response teams tailored to any situation
  • Expert reputation management when you need it most
  • Always-on, safe and secure access to our crisis community
  • Monthly crisis updates from your trusted advisor platform