How do you know who is the right professional to help you with your crisis situation?
Dominic Ryder – CEO


In 2015 I was acquitted of cheating the public revenue. In terms of my career I felt like I was back to square one but through the whole ordeal I came to realise one thing; there was a gap in the market for handling crisis.

There are plenty of professionals that can help in specific situations but how do you know who is going to be the right person for the job, are they going to be cost effective and will they understand your predicament? I knew exactly what was needed to effectively handle times like these after the failures in the management of my own crisis.

Over the next few months I teamed back up with Nick Scott whom I’d worked with at Zeus Partners. We started to formulate our ideas and put together a comprehensive Business Plan. In a prolonged crisis situation you ultimately know who you can rely on and trust. I’m thankful to say that I still had a core group of friends and professionals that were only too happy to help where needed to get things moving. Roll forward another year or so and plenty of debate, we have set up the MA-Change crisis management platform.

MA-Change is reliant on the quality and expertise of our Professional Partners. We have secured elite specialists across a range of capabilities, so that our clients are provided for, no matter how niche the issue may be.


Our role at MA-Change is to connect our members with Professional Partners, so that the effect of crisis is mitigated in an appropriate and timely manner. Our prior experience means that MA-Change is best placed to choose the right partner for our members.

MA Change not only gives our members access to a fully committed professional team, but we also provide much needed support to those struggling to cope with the personal and professional pressures of crisis. The platform, and its staff, are at the disposal of the member to provide guidance, clarity, and the means to focus on their career and performance knowing the right people are dealing with the accusations and allegations.

Now, two years after our inception, Nick and I are working hard to advance the business. With a solid set of professionals available for our clients and increased interest from our target markets, MA Change is now poised to expand beyond its start-up status.